Our events centre is a place of excellence, dedicated to the improvement of skin cancer treatment through research and teaching.

Unfortunately, medicine is an inexact science. This means that as a profession we are constantly learning and research is a critical component of that.

At Skintel, we have built dedicated facilities to foster a culture of continuous improvement. Unfortunately, research and publications amongst dermatologists have declined over the last 5 years, at Skintel we are hoping to reverse that trend.

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Upcoming Events

Some of the meetings/sessions we host at the Skintel Academic Centre:

  • Regular teaching sessions for GPs, training doctors, and other specialists.
  • Complex case meetings where specialists share complicated cases so we can continue to learn from each other.
  • Journal clubs where doctors get together (in-person & virtually) to discuss and review the latest skin cancer research from around the world.
  • Intermittently we also host community events to help with educating the general public.